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tips for fundraising

Tips for Funding Senior Living Expenses

Is your family beginning to discuss whether a senior living community might be the right solution for your parents? If so, you may already know how the many advantages could ...
understanding the cost

Understanding the Cost of Assisted Living Care

If you or your parents are beginning to need a helping hand with some of the tasks of daily living, you may be discussing whether it’s time to bring in ...
Insurance Options

Insurance Options for Paying for Senior Living

Senior living communities are designed to encourage and support a high quality of life. With their many benefits – which range from engaging activities - to nutritious dining - to ...
VA Aid and Attendance

VA Aid and Attendance Benefit and How it Can Help Pay for Senior Living

If you or a loved one is ready to take advantage of everything a senior living community has to offer, you can expect to receive support to live your best ...
Sense of Safety

6 Ways Senior Living Communities Provide a Sense of Safety & Security

Fear of falling, worrying about becoming ill, or what to do if help is needed while living alone can make a person feel a little less confident when growing older. ...
Staying Social

How Staying Social Protects the Wellness & Health of Older Adults

For most older adults, maintaining good health, aging well and living longer are top priorities. While you may be familiar with the contributions of eating the right food, getting enough ...